Top 10 things to do with your digital photo files

what to do with digital photo files

What are you going to do with your digital files? Really? You know that secret stash of flash drives or external hard drives that are safely stored somewhere. What are you really saving them for? If you don’t ever look at them, what’s the point. You went to the trouble of purchasing the digital files, prepping for the session and picking everything up… now what??? If you don’t know how to organize your digital files in your computer… here is a really old blog post that will help!

A real issue for a lot of people. Here is a top 10 list of things to do with your digital files:

10) Scrapbook. I used to do this quite a few years ago. I would scrapbook all of my photos, the good bad and the ugly! My kids love going through that scrapbook to this day (they are 11 & 8) as there are photos in there from when I was pregnant with them up until I slowed down on the scrapbooking due to lack of time with my new photography business. they especially loved seeing photos of me pregnant, as well as the ultrasound photos and the diary entries I made while I waited for their arrival. My favorite store was Making Memories in Burnaby. They always had the best selection of papers and embellishments, and classes too! I would take classes with friends, or meet new friends at classes…… give it a try!  making memories with scrapbooking

9) Create a digital collage, and print it. There are templates all over the place, here is a simple one that I created. You can use photoshop to edit this to be your own…or other programs available for free like PIXLR (I haven’t actually used this program, but know a few people who do use it for basic photo editing and image creation).





8) Upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or other online sharing application. That way at the very least… you look at them and share them with your friends.

7) Upload them to Dropbox or Flickr for safe keeping. Both of those websites offer free accounts where you can sign up and store images. Keep them there as storage, and access them from any computer where you have internet access.

6) Create an online scrapbook/album/storybook. Sites like blurb, shutterfly, snapfish, iphoto, london drugs, costco... the list is endless. Most of these sites have templates where you just slide the photos into the page and it’s done. The cost to print an album ranges price from $20-over $100 depending on things like glossy pages, hard covers, size etc. Also keep in mind, the less expensive likely the less quality. In my experience with some of these sites is that the image quality is slightly grainy and pix elated, and the process of creating the album can be time consuming and often frustrating. The end result is a book to save forever, and your kids will LOVE looking at them.

5) Print them to canvas or large print and frame them and get them up on the WALL! Even if you buy your frames from ikea, or go to a big box store to print your canvas. Printing them is better than leaving them stored in your computer! For my business and personal prints, I use a local, professional printer who does an amazing job with color correction, uv protection, and the best quality frames. This photo shows an array of canvas’ that I have had printed over the years as samples for the studio and for clients. These wall shelves are from ikea, they were about $16 each and have a lip on them to lean your frames on. They make it really easy to change out your photos , move the arrangement around, and display beautiful photos without making holes in the wall!


4) Create a 3 up Triptych! Print off 5×7″ prints and stick them in a special frame that fits them, or use a template to create the collage then print them off and frame them yourself!


3) Transfer a printed photo to wood. For the crafty folks… this looks like fun and I will defo be doing it soon!

2) My favorite crafter…. Martha! Check out these great ideas for things to do with photos!

# 1 thing to do with your digital files) Think print. Even if it is just 4×6″ prints that you get done at costco… really! Print them so you have them, you can look at them and enjoy them. Throw them in an album and keep them on your coffee table…. cause after all, a flash drive sitting on the coffee table may look a little strange.

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